Request a duvet

We work with charities, community groups and other organisations to supply duvets to individuals in need. We are currently restricted to working with organisations in Surrey but plan to expand our operations in 2024. 

Please send us your requests and we will be in touch to communicate how we can help. 

Frequently asked questions

We accept applications from charities and community groups in the Surrey area that are applying on behalf of individuals in need. We are sorry but we are unable to accept individual requests

There is no set answer to this question – we will work with charities and determine the optimum quantity based on your application and our stock levels.

There is currently  no formal criteria – we trust that the charitable organisations we work with have completed their due diligence checks.

We use a combination of brand new duvets and also refurbished high quality duvets which are donated by hotels. All are supplied like new in hygienic packaging.

Due to logistics, we are currently only working within the Surrey area. However, we do have plans in 2024 to roll out across England. Please register your interest using our enquiry form.