Our passion is to share warmth with you during the challenging times ahead

the challenge

Supporting people on the lowest incomes who cannot afford to heat their homes

The mounting cost-of-living crisis is leaving many people with making the choice between paying their rent or a crucial utility bill and for them they are having to confront the terrifying reality of no longer being able to afford their home. At Warmth, we are on a mission to keep these individuals warm throughout the winter by equipping them with quality duvets. 

Through my regular visits with donations to the foodbanks across Surrey I realised how so many people will suffer during these challenging economic times ahead. I thought that gifting an extra double duvet to households would help them feel warmth while sitting on the sofa & then by adding the duvet to your bed at night would also offer warmth while they sleep. I have already gifted over five thousand duvets across Surrey & once the charity launches hope to gift many more.

Noel Goddard - Founder

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How you can help

Individuals and families are faced with choosing between heating, food and rent.

Now more than ever it is important to provide them with warmth without the cost of electricity or gas by providing them with a duvet for free.

Where we operate

Helping in Surrey but with ambitions to go nationwide

Our charity is currently running a pilot operation in the Surrey with duvets being distributed by community organisations and local charities but we have plans to expand our geographical coverage in 2024.

The Solution

A duvet provides warmth at night but without the cost of gas and electricity

Duvets work by trapping heat from the body and also prevent the chills of winter. By supplying an extra duvet, it more effective than using blankets as air cannot penetrate the blanket to heat up

Frequently asked questions

We accept applications from charities and community groups in the Surrey area that are applying on behalf of individuals in need. We are sorry but we are unable to accept individual requests

There is no set answer to this question – we will work with charities and determine the optimum quantity based on your application and our stock levels.

There is currently  no formal criteria – we trust that the charitable organisations we work with have completed their due diligence checks.

We use a combination of brand new duvets and also refurbished high quality duvets which are donated by hotels. All are supplied like new in hygienic packaging.

Due to logistics, we are currently only working within the Surrey area. However, we do have plans in 2024 to roll out across England. Please register your interest using our enquiry form.